Tech Specs

With this approach we have managed to radically reduce the part count, the complexity, & ultimately the weight.

Using the quote from Colin Chapman, of Lotus fame, “Adding power makes you faster in a straight line, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere. Simplify then add lightness.”

Although we aren’t aiming to win races, this approach results in efficient design. The benefits to prosthetics is low weight, but also a less complex product which is lower in cost and easier to repair.

Product Specification


Market Leading Aesthetics

Grip Width

Super wide grip – 125mm


Heavy Duty

Metal construction, robust and durable.

Light weight

Half the weight of the lightest competition

Small Sizing

50 PERCENTILE AMERICAN FEMALE, (knuckle width 71.4mm, hand length 160mm)

Functional Wrist


Thumb Rotation

Tap to move thumb position, quick function for all users

IP-67 Rating

Waterproof, but No GLOVE OR THUMB GAITER

Ask Why, Be REBELious!

At REBEL, we looked at what was missing – elegance, lightweight products, smaller sizes.